Web Marketing Strategies for Shops and Small Businesses

Have you ever wondered if and how Web Marketing and an adequate strategy can facilitate the earnings of shops and small businesses? In this short article I will try to answer this question by trying to explain how to develop an effective Local Marketing strategy.
Why you should develop a Local Web Marketing strategy for your small business

The world of commerce has changed radically with the advent of the Internet and the diffusion of Smartphones, being present Online is a step that if you have not done it yet, I suggest you plan TODAY! Because users search, inform themselves, ask… by now almost everything using their trusty mobile device and therefore it is essential to have a “digital presence” to be found.

Shopkeepers, Professionals, Small Entrepreneurs must become aware that the Web, Google, Social Media have become tools for learning to better understand what is around us.

Over half of the searches we do with our phone have a LOCAL intent, users filter each search by always adding the place where to find anything, it can be seen that it is essential to be found in the results with all the main assets we can have: Site Internet, Google My Business Listing, Social Pages or whatever “anything” you think would count for your business and be easily tracked on the Internet.
How to develop an effective Local Web Marketing strategy

If you don’t have a website, the right time has come. If you already have a website, make sure it’s optimized for mobile devices, quick to load and easy to index.

To start anything e-commerce, it is enough to have only a simple and targeted presentation of your business optimized for the right target audience, even a simple one-page site can be a starting point.

With a limited investment you can obtain good results locally and evaluate expansion over time, I only advise you to choose an OPEN SOURCE CMS, it never gets old and does not bind you inextricably to the agency.

As a second STEP add a blog to your website. Blogging helps to improve the online and offline presence of businesses as well and is an excellent tool for making one’s reality known and for aggregating both textual and audio & video content.
Google My Business

It is absolutely free and allows you to review your business to easily get in touch with customers on the Google search network and Google Maps. For more information, read our constantly updated guide.
Social pages

Today, just having a good website is no longer enough.

Social pages have become essential for every small business and can help it grow.

Carefully create and manage your presence on Facebook and Instagram, if you are a professional also on Linkedin! They will help to give you a real competitive advantage over businesses that do not pay the same attention to Social Local Marketing activities.

Messaging apps

Instant messaging is becoming the biggest platform to help users connect with all kinds of services in a new way – Mark Zuckerberg says. Use WhatsApp Business, the well-known app designed for small business owners. If you have a store, create a catalog to showcase your products and use its features to easily start conversations with your customers. With Apps like Whtsapp and Messenger you can:

Acquire customers by connecting the two chats with Facebook ADS campaigns;
With Messenger you can allow users to browse your product/service catalog and purchase them directly from the app.

Invest in online advertising

With Facebook ADS you can let your audience find you on Facebook and Instagram without having to pass out. You don’t have to be an expert to start advertising on Facebook although I don’t recommend DIY.

Collect names in the store

Acquiring customers’ email addresses means guaranteeing a direct line to keep in touch with them by sending SMS and EMAIL, don’t even jokingly think that they could be obsolete systems. Your lists will also be useful for following your customers on Facebook & Instagram by doing Retargeting, on this page you will find the information to use this very effective technique.

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