Sound Design, Event & Exhibition Marketing

AC&P with SW6D Ltd are an event marketing specialist for shows and exhibitions. We understand them, we understand what they are talking about and what makes people want to go, need to go or just care. Whether commercial or public, small and intimate or vast and sprawling, indoors or outdoors, events serve many different purposes.

AC&P with SW6D Ltd have designed some memorable creatives for many shows, sometimes starting with a logo update, sometimes from scratch. Some of the events we work for have been around for decades, some are brand new and we’ve created the entire event look and feel, including the event website, and helped them grow.

But it is not only the brand of the event that AC&P with SW6D Ltd has created; we also produce all the supporting material a show, event or exhibition could need: from badges and ticket wallets to VIP invitations and digital newsletters, parking passes and visitor information flyers, web and social media banners, signage, lanyards, and even your own show guide. All in a consistent and consistent visual and verbal style. Personalization is not a problem. Oh, and we can handle any event marketing mailings for you too if you like.

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Sound Design

We research and choose the right music for the soundtrack of your project.
We select it from the existing and available one or we produce it for you. Our research is based on a systematic and objective approach, free from personal tastes and emotional experiences.
Through an accurate assessment and sound audit of the brand, its values and its communication, the cinematographic subject, the event or the space and public place, we develop a sound strategy to identify the right music and compliant with the concept of the project to which it will have to to be tied up and to give voice.